About the Office

Our firm has a track record of more than 25 years of the highest level of legal representation. We provide professional legal services in four main legal disciplines (Hi-Tech, Corporate & Commercial, Real Estate and Commercial Litigation) operating independently and in close cooperation with each other.

Our firm is business oriented aiming at providing an all-around representation to our clients. Our client list consists of entrepreneurs, angels, investment banks and large corporations. Our services include on-going legal representation and ad-hoc advice on legal matters that require immediate solution, including in complex litigation cases. In addition, we provide advice and personal guidance to shareholders, directors, members of senior management and more. We also advise our clients on real estate related investments and ventures (commercial and residential, development and construction urban renewals, hotels and other complex projects).

We are responsive and strive to find innovative "outside the box" and creative solutions to complex legal-commercial issues, both within the framework of ongoing legal advice and within the framework of litigation procedures to achieve the best results to our clients.