Adv. Sharon Sahai - Partner

Sharon has an extensive background in managing complex and large-scale litigation cases in the civil and commercial realm, including: contract law, corporate law and shareholder disputes, control struggles, intellectual property (including trademark registration), liquidation and bankruptcy, communication law, and administrative law. Sharon also provides legal advice to companies, directors, and individuals.

Sharon's approach to legal accompaniment and legal representation is characterized by his creative thinking, knowing where the opponent's weaknesses are and exploiting those weaknesses for the client's benefit. He strives for excellence and, no less importantly, provides customized, personalized service to each and every client.

Before founding his current law firm, Sharon was a partner at Cassouto & Co. (2012-2017), and thereafter was founding partner at Sahai, Harel & Co. (2018-2022).


LLB, Tel Aviv University; Mediation training program of the David Rotlevi National Mediation Institute; The practicum program of the Derech Gishur Institute - Counseling and Training in Mediation; Member of the arbitrators list of the Israel Bar Association.

Israel Bar Association, 2003

Adv. Amitai Naveh - Partner

Amitai Naveh is a partner in the High-tech and Corporate Groups.

Amitai’s practice focuses on financing, venture capital, corporate finance, private equity and general corporate law. Amitai represents start-ups and high-tech companies in various stages of evolution both on their commercial and corporate legal issues. In addition, Amitai specializes in financing transactions vis-à-vis banking institutions and institutional investors.

Prior to founding our firm, Amitai was a partner in Naveh, Even-Har and prior to that he served as an in-house counsel for a technology public company.

MBA (with distinction), the New York Institute of Technology. LLB, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1997 Israeli Bar 1999 New York Bar 2013 Notary Public

More about myself
Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) in command positions in the Israeli Navy Seals. Live in Tel Aviv, enjoy quality time with my family, run in the park and scuba dive whenever the opportunity arises.

Adv. Raz Even-Har - Partner

Fields of Expertise and Professional Experience:
Adv. Raz Even-Har specializes in commercial law, corporate and on-going legal advice to high-tech companies, investors and businessmen. Adv. Even-Har holds more than 20 years of experience in providing legal advice in the high-tech field, both as an inhouse legal counsel of high-tech companies and as a founding partner in a private law firm. In addition, Adv. Even-Har practices dispute resolution in the high-tech field, as a mediator among entrepreneurs, companies, shareholders and service providers and assists the disputed parties to reach agreements outside of court, based on his legal and commercial experience.

Prior to founding our firm, Raz was a founding partner at Naveh, Even-Har, Law Office and prior to that he served as a Legal Counsel and IP Manager of a high-tech group of companies.

2013: MA - Public Policy, Tel-Aviv University.
1999: LLB – Law and Business, Reichman University (IDC).

Admissions and Certifications:
2001: Israel Bar Association.
2022: Mediation Studies, the National Mediation Institute named after David Rotloi (Israel Bar Association).

More About Myself:
Live in Moshav Lachish, married and father of three children. Volunteering in the “Rampa” mentoring project of “Yad Lashiryon” (the Armored Corps Memorial Association). An ex-Judge in the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JA) Israel. Major (Ret.) in the Israeli Armored Corps and in the Missing Persons Unit. My favorite hobbies are running, swimming, trekking and reading.

Adv. Baruch Orenstein - Partner

Born in Bucharest Romania, 1967.
Bachelor of Laws in Business and Finance Law at Brunel University, London UK ,1994.

Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1995.
Admitted and operating as a Notary in Israel since 2007.
Serving in the IDF Army reserve service as active Major in Air Force tactical unit.
Over the years, Baruch has represented Cooperates and private businessman in their Real Estate Projects operations. Acquisitions of Land and related Construction activities (Residence building and Commercial premises), including the drafting of agreements, legal opinions, negotiations, and analyzing modification required in legal documentation to satisfy the requirements of the Client and registration of rights and notices on the Land registrar.

Baruch further represented numerous clients in land transactions, as well as handling and acting as legal counsel for constructors and entrepreneurs in a range of legal matters and Land Law in their ongoing business and transactions.

Furthermore, Baruch has a long history of advising and representing employers & employees in all matters of Labor Law implementation and organization the work environment and engagement contracts in various places of work. In particular, Baruch counsels and represents academic members in the field of Labor Law in the Academy – institutions of higher education, universities and colleges in Israel.