Additional Areas of Expertise

Commercial Litigation

From our perspective, litigation is not the mere skill of representing our clients in court. Litigation starts way before that. It’s a doctrine that consists of aggressive representation at the pre-judicial stage in order to overpower and disarm the opposition, often eliminating the need of ever going to court. We design our legal strategy according to the unique needs of each individual client, and we don’t rest until we’ve surpassed our clients’ goals and expectations.

We represent our clients before all tribunals – the Supreme Court, the Economic Department, Civil Courts and arbitrations. Our firm specializes in providing legal counselling and representation in all types of commercial disputes and we have extensive experience with complex and large-scale disputes. We specialize in litigation concerning financial, contractual and proprietary disputes, entrepreneurs and partners disputes, disputes relating to shareholders’ control struggles and shareholders’ Unfair prejudice claims, and corporate law and securities disputes – including derivative and class actions and including proceedings involving innovative financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies and trading arenas. In addition, we have wide expertise in administrative petitions that have commercial aspects, including tenders and disputes with state authorities, and we have special expertise in intellectual property litigation, with the emphasis on trademark litigation.