Hi-Tech Department

The Hi-Tech group specializes in advising hi-tech companies on incorporation and on-going legal issues, local and foreign hi-tech investors and on hi-tech-related dispute resolution. We represent local and international clients, including hi-tech companies, start-ups, investors, private and public companies and entrepreneurs. We provide our clients, for the past 20 years, with a professional, effective and personal service, assisting them to focus in doing business with peace of mind.

Practice Areas

Incorporation and Advising to Hi-Tech Companies:

As every entrepreneur knows, even the greatest idea is just the first step towards a commercial success. In order for an idea to become a successive, long-lasting business, a professional and available legal advice is required. The vast experience of our office includes, among others, ongoing advising to hi-tech companies in funding issues, commercial agreements, intellectual property protection, and aspects of employment and compensation of employees and consultants. Our office represents entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubator companies and well-established corporations, from their foundation, through assistance in investment rounds, commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions.

Hi-Tech Related Dispute Resolutions:

As lawyers with many years of experience in the hi-tech field, we are involved, from time to time, in business and commercial disputes among hi-tech companies, entrepreneurs, investors, shareholders, employees, vendors and consultants. Based on our experience, we may say that many disputes can be resolved in a mediation process and a compromise agreement, even before the initiation of a complex, long and costly litigation process. With our long experience and vast knowledge in the hi-tech field, we wish to assist the disputed parties to reach long-lasting agreements, effectively and discretely, while saving time, money and stress and to get back to their business with peace of mind, as soon as possible.